Cleaning your ATV’s air filter plays a necessary role in the maintenance of your sports quad. After all, a dirty air filter does a poor job of keeping unwanted particles out of the engine, which can lead to many problems. And while Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts can insure you against steep maintenance and repair costs, it’s nevertheless a good idea to keep the air filter clean.

Here are the 3 main benefits of cleaning your ATV’s air filter.

1. Your ATV stays powerful

An air filter choked with dust and debris will have a tough time allowing air to pass through it. As a result, less air enters the engine, which takes a toll on its performance and reduces the machine’s power output. Therefore, if you want your ATV to enjoy maximum horsepower, you should clean its air filter regularly.

2. The engine lasts longer

The dirt stuck on a filthy air filter eventually makes its way into the engine’s combustion chamber. Here, it scrapes and corrodes parts of the cylinders and pistons, which can lead to significant damage requiring costly repairs or replacements. A constantly clean air filter prevents the engine from incurring such damage, thus prolonging its life.

3. Your ATV will require fewer oil changes

As discussed above, a dirty air filter leads to an engine filled with contaminants. Some of these harmful particles end up in the engine’s oil. Because dirty motor oil is the cause of many serious issues—such as overheating, engine components damage, and high repair costs—it must be changed. To prevent frequent oil changes, you must keep the air filter clean.

Generally speaking, you should clean the air filter after every 50 or so hours of ATV use. If you ride in sandy or dusty environments, the air filter should be cleaned more often than that.

You can also have the air filter cleaned—or replaced if necessary—by professionals. Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts allow ATV owners to save on maintenance and repair costs. Furthermore, it covers costs falling outside the scope of manufacturer warranties. So if the air filter gets damaged due to negligence or an accident, the Extended Service Contracts can help.

You’re also given the flexibility to hire the services of any maintenance/repair facility in the US and Canada, so there’s no risk of voiding any warranties when you go to your favorite mechanic for help.

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