To cancel your eligble Torque Group product simply review the back of your agreement for the detail and contact your originating/issuing dealer for assistance. All refunds will be sent to the dealership for distribution to the lien holder or customer.

Gap Cancellation

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Tire & Wheel Cancellation

Please call 800-859-0590 and ask for the Tire and Wheel Cancellation Department

ESC Cancellation

Please call your selling dealer


Tire & Wheel Claims

Please call 800-859-0590 and ask for Tire and Wheel Claims

Lifetime Battery Claims

If your battery dies and will not hold a charge take your vehicle to any dealership with a certified technician, and please have them contact us at 800-859-0590.

Gap Claims

If a total loss occurs, our GAP 150 protection pays the difference between the NADA Retail Value or the Insurance settlement (whichever is greater), of the vehicle at the time of loss and the remaining loan balance.

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TLP Claims

Torque Group's TLP is a part marketing anti-theft system. If the customer’s vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, or totaled, our TLP will pay credit towards a replacement unit. Claims are paid to the selling dealership for the customer’s use to purchase the replacement unit. The amount will depend on the coverage of the contract.

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