Platinum Care Maintenance

Our program provides dealerships with options to fit all their customer's needs.

Platinum Care Maintenance Program is a full, insured, and customizable program to keep customers coming back for their scheduled services. With options in terms for 18 months and 3 full services or 36 months with up to 6 full services. Customers buying New or Pre-Owned vehicles can be purchased maintenance at any time of their vehicle ownership.  Customers can save as much as 40% compared to paying for their services as they go.  When a customer purchases an Platinum Care Maintenance agreement, they lock in today’s labor rates and protect themselves from unforeseen expenses.  Platinum Care Maintenance allows the customer to have all of their next 3 years of service prepaid.

Not all customers have the budget to include their maintenance with their original purchase, so we created Oil Care Plus.  Oil Care Plus provides customers a low-cost alternative for the more budget-minded customers.  Oil care plus pays for up to 4 oil changes and safety inspection over 24 months of the customers ownership.

Customer Benefits:
– Coverage begins immediately
– Saves up 40% on routine maintenance
– Covers parts, labor, and taxed based on owner’s manual recommendations services
– Customers can purchase at any time of vehicle ownership

Dealer Benefits:
– We allow the dealership to personalize this program to meet their specific needs
– Help create customers loyalty with frequent returns to dealership for routine maintenance
– Claims paid via credit card and processed within 20-30 minutes of receiving proper documents
– More opportunity to grow a long-lasting customer relationship through personalized service.

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