Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts keep ATVs in the right condition to do what they do best: provide endless fun for the entire family. With regular and proper maintenance, you, your spouse, and your children can enjoy many exciting activities together while also ensuring everyone’s safety.

Here are some of the main reasons ATVs are great for the whole family.

1. They level up your experience with the great outdoors

ATVs allow families who love the great outdoors to take their experience to another level. With these powerful machines, you’ll be able to explore the wilderness in new and exciting ways, have amazing races, and reach locations inaccessible to those on foot. As such, your activities will no longer be limited to hiking and telling stories around the fire.

2. They’re better than expensive vacations

Summer holidays abroad may seem like fun, until you realize all you’ll be doing is spending a lot of money on airfare, hotels, guided tours, dining, and buying useless items. On the other hand, discovering nature via the use of ATVs creates memories your family will forever cherish.

3. They give kids a break from LCD screens

Nowadays, kids spend too much time on their iPhones, iPads, PCs, game consoles, and other such gadgets that rot the brain and discourage physical activities. ATVs, on the other hand, will allow them to enjoy the wonders of nature and adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures. These machines will even teach them the value of discovery and exploration.

4. They promote family bonding

Parents often find it a challenge to bond with their children. ATVs can help with this by allowing the entire family to have a shared hobby and enjoy thrilling activities together. Expect to find yourselves having more things to talk about and taking pride in the amazing achievements you’ve made.

Extended Service Contracts

Torque Group’s Extended Service Contracts make the maintenance and repair of ATVs far less expensive than they normally are. The program even helps with costs not covered by manufacturer warranties, so if your ATV incurs damage due to an accident or maintenance errors, you’ll have no trouble finding affordable aid. Additionally, the Extended Service Contracts won’t void any manufacturer warranties, so you can go to your most trusted maintenance/repair facility in the US and Canada with no worries.

For more information on the product, kindly visit the Extended Service Contracts page. Feel free to contact us at (800) 859 0590 or via email if you have any questions!