Extended Service Contracts

When your customers’ Powersports Warranty from the factory expires, our Extended Service Contracts step in.

For over 15 years, we at Torque Group have taken quite a bit of pride in providing our customers with the very best support after purchasing all types of vehicles. Warranty and service contract coverage are the most effective tools for providing customers with years of enjoyment with their Powersports vehicles. Torque Group offers assurance that any mechanical failure will be restored to a working condition without requiring significant out-of-pocket costs from the consumer.

Whether a customer has invested in vehicles, off-road or marine, or any type of Powersports, extended service warranties or service contracts are the best bet for protecting their purchase.

Internal failures will occur in every vehicle. The best Powersports extended warranty coverage and extended service contracts help customers maximize their enjoyment of their purchases.

That’s exactly what our Powersports extended service contracts achieve.

One way we achieve this is by providing the fastest claims process that helps get your valued customers back to having fun with their Powersports vehicle and enjoying their purchase again.

At Torque Group, we offer premium Powersports service contracts that help customers save hundreds of dollars on unexpected repairs. We take pride in empowering dealers, service centers, and customers with lightning-fast claims processing, superior customer care, and comprehensive coverage for all types of Powersports.

Get Your Customer Back on The Road

You always want to be able to provide your customers with repair coverage options, whether it’s a Honda Powersports extended warranty, or whether it’s extended service contracts for Polaris. Powersports extended warranty cost, coverage, and extended service contracts need to be drawn out with transparency at every stage of the process.

The best extended service contracts provide protection for customers against unpredictable, costly repairs due to mechanical breakdowns while being flexible enough to allow customers to get repairs or maintenance done where they prefer. We help make sure that your customers are provided with the very best coverage available in the industry for all makes and models — new or used!

Fast Claims Processing

While many Powersports extended service companies impose strict rules, Torque Group’s service contracts provide customers with the flexibility to take their vehicles anywhere in the entire United States for repairs as long as they have a certified mechanic and access to the parts needed to make the necessary repairs.

Powersports warranty prices can fluctuate wildly, and the products often fail to provide the type of return that merits an initial investment. Torque Group offers comprehensive service contract coverage with the flexibility that smart customers demand. Instead of having rigid extended warranty contracts, we give your customers the ability to choose the best Powersports service contract coverage for themselves.

Add Value to Your Fleet

Extended service contracts customer benefits include:

  • Comprehensive coverage — for an even higher level of protection in the event of a mechanical breakdown.
  • $0 deductible on new, $25 deductible on used
  • Coverage is valid at any repair facility in the US and Canada
  • Can be transferred from customer to customer
  • Our coverage options exceed the OEM coverage available

Dealer benefits include:

  • Higher payouts on claims than the manufacturers or competitors
  • Paid with a credit card or check for claims
  • Claims paid within 24 hours of work completed
  • Online claims processing
  • Less expensive dealer cost — in some cases, hundreds of dollars per contract
  • Coverage options on vehicles that the OEM doesn’t have coverage

Why Torque Group is Different:

  • Faster Claim payments
  • Full comprehensive coverage
  • Superior customer service
  • Very competitive pricing

Torque Group remains committed to helping dealerships provide their customers with the best possible coverage for their Powersports. We are proud to offer an extensive suite of finance and insurance (F&I) services and products that deliver unparalleled benefits to customers. Contact us today to learn more!

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