Extended Service Contracts

Torque Group takes pride in providing customers the very best coverage with the fastest claims process to get them back to having fun with their powersports vehicle.

Extended Service Contracts provide protection for customers against unpredictable, costly repairs due to mechanical break downs.  Customers are provided the very best coverage available in the industry for all makes and model new or used.  Torque Group’s Service contracts provide customers the flexibility to take their vehicles anywhere in the entire United States for repairs as long as they have a certified mechanic and access to the parts needed to make the necessary repairs.

Customer Benefits:
– While most plans only cover certain named components, Torque-Group offers comprehensive coverage for an even higher level of protection in the event of a mechanical breakdown
– $0 deductible on new, $25 deductible on used
– Coverage is valid at any repair facility in the US and Canada
– Personalized waterproof enrollment Card mailed after purchase (no more carrying around paper contracts)
– Can be transferred customer to customer
– Our coverage options exceed the OEM coverage available

Dealer Benefits:
– Higher payouts on claims than the manufactures or competitors
– Paid with a credit card or check for claims
– Claims paid within 24 hours of work completed
– Online claims processing
– Less expensive dealer cost—in some cases hundreds of dollars per contract
– Coverage options on vehicles that the OEM doesn’t have coverage

Why Ours Is Better:
– Fast Claim payments
– Full comprehensive coverage
– Excellent customer service
– Very competitive pricing

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