Lifetime Battery Program

Our Lifetime Battery Program provides peace of mind from unexpected expenses for the most commonly replaced item on a Powersports vehicle for the entire “Lifetime” of your ownership. Lifetime Battery is available for any customer, at any time throughout their ownership, of a qualified Powersports vehicle.

Customer Benefits:
– Battery replacement for the lifetime of the ownership
– Provides protection for the most common expense incurred throughout ownership
– Customers can purchase coverage at any time of vehicle ownership
– Customers can go to any powersports dealership
– No expiration on the term
– Claims are paid within 20-30 mins to make sure customers are not out any money or time

Dealer Benefits:
– Creates an opportunity to grow the relationship with customers through service.
– Increases F&I profit in the Finance Department (Sales Penetration of up to 60%)
– Increases sales of batteries throughout your dealership
– Works as a retention program, creating additional opportunities to increase sales
– Increases customer traffic in the service and parts departments

We are the best at this program because nobody pays claims faster, has been doing it longer, or provides better than service we do.

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