Tire-related accidents, both on-road and off-road, are not as uncommon as one may think. In fact, tire accidents account for 11,000 of vehicular crashes each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With that said, off-roading enthusiasts will do well to pay attention to their tires as well. Powersports tire and wheel protection provides owners of powersports vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles with a safety net in the event their tires need emergency replacement at any time within the coverage period.

Common tire-related accidents

To prevent a tire accident while you’re off-roading, it would help to know the common causes of these accidents, so you can take the necessary precautionary steps. A few that you need to take note of are the following:

Wheel runoff

A wheel runoff accident occurs when one of the wheels fall off while you’re on the road. This usually happens when the wheel was either over-torqued or under-torqued. In either case, this could cause the wheel to fall off. When this happens, your safety is at risk because you’re now navigating a one-wheel off vehicle. Likewise, a runaway wheel also puts others’ safety at risk as the wheel could hit their vehicle from behind or block their path causing the driver to make an unexpected turn.


Defective, underinflated tires are the common cause of rollovers. A rollover accident occurs when the vehicle rolls on its roof or on its side. This is usually experienced on four-wheel powersports vehicles like an ATV. For on-road vehicles, this is common with SUVs.


Skidding is another common tire-related accident, which usually happens with worn tires. Tire tread provides traction, which provides the driver better control of the vehicle. Worn tires are particularly dangerous on off-road tracks as these are rough roads that can easily cause the vehicle to skid, particularly on slopes.

As you can see, it’s important to maintain your vehicle’s tires primarily for your safety as well as those of others on the tracks with you. Well-maintained tires also translate to the driver being able to enjoy their off-roading experience every time.

Torque Group powersports tire and wheel protection

Don’t wait until you get into an accident before paying attention to your tires. Make sure defective or damaged ones are immediately replaced. With program’s like Torque Group’s powersports tire and wheel protection, you can have tire, wheel, and rim protection for up to five years. Please feel free to call us at (800) 859-0590. You may also send a message at info@torque-group.com. We’d be glad to hear from you.