The “all-terrain vehicle,” or ATV, is a compact and rugged machine equipped with powerful engines. Its fans will tell you the is a vehicle worth owning as well as protecting with Total Loss Protection programs. But why exactly does the ATV deserve such praise?

Here are 4 great reasons to own and insure an ATV:

1. A great way to enjoy nature

Off-roading is as exciting as it sounds, and the ATV is the ideal vehicle for off-roading activities. ATVs are designed and built for strength, speed, and adventure; it can take you through rough terrain typical of riverbeds, hilly landscape, deserts, and other types of natural environments other modes of transportation will have a difficult time managing. So if you want to experience the wonders of nature, this is your vehicle of choice.

2. Utility

An ATV can be valuable for work-related activities thanks to its power and considerable towing strength. Some even come with a dump box for debris storage. Such features make the ATV extremely useful when you’re maintaining property fencing, clearing rubble, or performing other tasks around your property. Chores would be harder to pursue without a four-wheel workhorse on hand.

3. Fishing and hunting expeditions

An ATV is highly sought-after by those into hunting and fishing. With an off-roader, a hunter can haul their big game out of environments other vehicles can’t traverse, such as a forest. Game fishermen can use ATVs to reach distant trout streams too dangerous to navigate on foot, or that are inaccessible to other modes of transportation.

4. Fun with friends and family

ATVs can provide families a whole lot of fun. Whether they’re riding with you or are the ones behind the wheel, your kids will enjoy the speed and power ATVs are known for, as well as all the marvels the great outdoors have to offer. You and your friends can also engage in off-roading races and adventures—a great way to simultaneously test your limits and experience adrenaline-pumping thrills.

Total Loss Protection

Given some of the extremes owners push their ATVs to, and the fact that ATV thefts are on the rise, it’s to your greatest benefit to take advantage of Total Loss Protection programs.

Total Loss Protection offers up to 4 years of protection against exorbitant expenses people are often saddled with when their ATV is stolen or significantly damaged after an accident. Specifically, it provides customers with up to $5,000 towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle in the event of a total loss. Protection will give ATV owners the peace of mind to enjoy their vehicle to the fullest.

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