F&I Training

As many of Americans across this great country of ours shelter in place, work remotely from home, and conduct additional efforts to flatten the curve and limit the spread of this dangerous virus during this very serious COVID-19 pandemic, Torque Group has made the difficult decision to postpone our in-person F&I training seminars for the foreseeable future.

However, Torque Group is ALWAYS here for you when you need us. We’re available to answer any and every question you might have about how to better deliver high-end F&I solutions to your customers — which is more important than ever! Now more than ever your customers are going to want to feel protected and taken care of when it comes to their Powersports purchases. We’ll always be here to help you better carry out your Powersports F&I protocol to help your dealership succeed in even the most difficult times.

And since we have so many Powersports F&I training seminars under our belt, we’re incredibly anxious to proceed with our seminars the moment we’re able to safely do so without jeopardizing the efforts millions of Americans have made up to this point as a sacrifice for the greater good.

Soon enough, Torque Group will let our customers, clients, and associates know when we plan to get together again to share the latest and greatest ideas when it comes to providing effective Powersports F&I solutions. Torque Group will be scheduling training again soon, our customers and prospective clients can rest assured of this!

Any questions, please call 800-859-0590 or email jackie@torque-group.com