Once a beginner personal watercraft (PWC) user has acquired all the right equipment and a Powersports F&I product to ensure their safety, it’s time to learn how to ride their machine.

Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on how to ride a PWC:

Find a sitting position that’s comfortable for you. Use both hands to hold the handlebars. Ensure your feet are securely planted on the footrests.

Use the key to turn on the PWC’s ignition switch. Make sure the key is attached to a lanyard that’s coiled around your wrist.

Push the throttle lightly at first. This will get the PWC moving but prevent it from accelerating too quickly. Slowly exert more pressure on the throttle to move away from the shoreline, swimmers, and other vessels on the water. Use this as an opportunity to get comfortable with the throttle sensitivity, as well.

Maintain safe cruising speeds of between 5 and 10 miles per hour while moving away from anyone or anything you can hit.

Once a good distance from the shore and traffic, gradually exert more pressure on the throttle to move faster. Find a speed you’re comfortable with.

Keep this speed steady. If you wish to turn towards a specific direction, you and any passengers should lean towards said direction before making the turn.

Prevent the PWC from capsizing by accelerating before turning and keeping the load centered and balanced.

Before jumping wakes or crossing large waves, make sure to angle the PWC at 90 degrees to maintain lateral stability. It’s better to jump waves than speed through them at great speeds.

Don’t panic if you fall off your PWC. A capsized PWC can be easily turned the right side up. To board the vessel, climb it from the back and never the sides. Grab the seat’s back to hoist yourself up into position. Once seated, attach the safety lanyard to your arm again.

Training courses and Powersports F&I products

Remember, the above guide is no substitute for a real training course, so make sure to enroll in official safety and PWC-riding lessons.

You should also protect yourself financially by acquiring Powersports F&I products. These will reduce typically expensive maintenance and repair costs, and even provide you with the money to buy a new PWC in the case of a total loss.

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