In a world of evolving consumer behavior, market fluctuations, and local and global economic challenges, businesses must always be on their toes to keep up with the changing times. And they must always think of ways of maintaining and increasing their profitability. For dealerships, a dealership reinsurance company provides an innovative way of increasing profitability and maintaining their growth trajectory year-on-year.

As for the question whether it is good for business, the answer is yes. A dealership reinsurance is good for business for the flexibility it offers.

Dealership reinsurance gives you the flexibility of customizing each F&I product you offer.

Some might argue that F&I solutions providers customize their products according to the dealership’s needs and requirements. To some extent yes, but they do so up to a certain point only, or within a specified boundary. With a dealership-owned reinsurance company, the dealership is given 100% control of the contracts and programs they offer, which means they can fully customize each one according to their customer’s specific needs.

Dealerships get to decide the parameters for each claim, which makes it easier for customers to request for a claim and get reimbursed for repairs or parts replacement. In a typical dealership-third party provider relationship, claims are sometimes denied because of some technicality, which of course, takes the customer by surprise. Imagine being given the assurance of financial coverage only to be denied it in the end. This is the fastest way to lose a customer.

Dealership reinsurance gives you the flexibility of diversifying your portfolio or expanding the business.

With the premiums paid to the dealership-owned reinsurance company, they now have liquid cash they can use however they want. You may decide to invest the money in equities, or you could also expand the business through additional product offerings or establishing a second branch. The point is you have that extra cash on hand to utilize however you want to maximize your reinsurance company’s and/or dealership’s profitability.

Bear in mind, however, that the profitability of your reinsurance company will not be immediately apparent. You will have to wait some time to experience growth in this area of the business.

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