Buying a used personal watercraft (PWC) is no different from buying any other kind of secondhand vehicle. That means you’ll have to do everything from giving the watercraft a test drive to acquiring Powersports F&I products that’ll protect you from a variety of expenses.

Here are 5 factors to consider when buying a used PWC:

1. Ignore 2-stroke PWCs

There are two types of PWCs today: those with 2-Stroke engines, and those with 4-Stroke engines. However, the former is being phased out in part because it’s less eco-friendly. As such, its parts are getting tougher to find, which means 2-stroke engine repairs and maintenance will soon become problematic.

2. Don’t worry too much about engine hours

PCWs are said to last for 300 hours of use only. This, however, need not be taken as a rule of thumb; in fact, there are PWCs that last much longer than 300 hours. Never depend entirely on engine hours to arrive at a buying decision.

3. Test the PWC

Never consider a used unit unless the dealer allows you to take it to water for testing. During testing, observe if the PWC can take off in an instant. Test its RPM and feel the engine’s power at full throttle. Low compression translates to a blown engine and you should avoid buying a PWC with such a condition.

4. Look for damage

Examine the PWC’s seats and underside. Slight seat tears or underside blemishes may be due to normal wear and tear and hence acceptable. More considerable damage, however, should be a concern, as this indicates the owner was too irresponsible to care for a PWC properly. You should also check for corrosion or rust; if paint is cracking or peeling off particularly around the engine, it could become a serious concern in the near term.

5. Powersports F&I

Powersports F&I products can benefit you in a number of ways. The Total Loss Protection program, for example, insures against steep expenses associated with PWC theft or severe damage, while Trailer Guard offers coverage for up to 5 years for your PWC’s trailer. If you want to protect and extend your enjoyment of your watercraft, we strongly recommend acquiring Powersports F&I products.

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