Are you the proud owner of a new motorcycle? Just familiarize yourself with a few protocols, acquire protection in the form of Powersports F&I products, and you’re all set to enjoy one of the most powerful and versatile machines you can ride.

Here are 5 tips new motorcycle owners should find helpful:

1. Seek training

Riding a motorcycle is different from riding a bicycle. You’ll have to learn how to maneuver it properly and effectively, and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations necessary for safe and responsible riding. Seek training from experts; take a motorcycle riding course for thorough and accurate instruction, and supplement your education by watching online tutorials.

2. Purchase appropriate gear

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous if you aren’t attired in protective gear. So go to a reputable shop and purchase a helmet, a jacket with armor, and riding pants. Make sure they’re of extremely high quality. Don’t worry too much about expenses; the cheaper the gear, the less likely it’ll be able to protect you in the case of an accident. Wear your gear every time you ride.

3. Take care of your motorcycle

A motorcycle that isn’t well-maintained is a dangerous one. Know what signs of trouble to look out for and always examine the essentials—such as the oil condition, tire pressure, steering bearings, and brake system—for possible issues prior to every ride. Ensure you know a reputable motorcycle shop you can take your machine to for maintenance and repair. It’s strongly recommended you acquire Powersports F&I products, as these can help reduce the cost of such services.

4. Don’t be stupid

Don’t do anything that’ll endanger yourself or others. Don’t ride when in a highly emotional state and/or while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Don’t overspeed, and ensure you slow down when in heavy traffic and when making turns. Don’t behave in way that’ll annoy or imperil pedestrians or other vehicle users.

5. Recognize the risks

It’s essential you understand from the get-go that riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. Make it a point to acquire insurance, such as Powersports F&I products that can protect you against financial loss in case your bike gets stolen or irreparably damaged. Disability and life insurance will also protect your family should the worst happen.

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