One of the things that people commonly mistake about ATVS and UTVs is that the wheels and tires for each vehicle can be interchanged; that is, you can use ATV tires on a UTV and vice-versa. This is one misconception that puts the driver’s life in danger, says Powersports Tire and Wheel Protection provider Torque Group.

Powersports Tire and Wheel Protection is additional service that dealerships offer customers where they can have their tires, wheels, and/or rims replaced should these be damaged due to a road hazard, without any cost to them. Dealerships usually offer different tire and wheel protection programs for 4WDs, ATVs, UTVs, and two and three-wheel motorcycles. The cost for each plan likewise differs. Ask your dealership about them.

Why you shouldn’t use ATV tires on UTVs and vice-versa

Cars, in general, have unique specifications when it comes to parts or components, particularly mechanical parts. The same is true with vehicles designed for off-roads. These parts include tires and wheels. The most important reason why you should never interchange ATV tires with UTV tires or UTV tires with ATV tires is safety. Remember that each tire set was designed and developed with a specific vehicle in mind, primarily so the driver can easily control and maneuver the vehicle.

While it is easy to conclude that both tires can be used on both vehicles because they are basically similar in manufacturing process, treads, and even construction, they still have very distinct differences, so it’s best to choose a tire designed specifically for your vehicle.

Choosing a tire for your ATV or UTV

Veering away from the general definition of both types of tires, the more important question to ask yourself when choosing a tire is for what activity or purpose will you be using the tires? If you’re buying tires for off-roading activities on your ATV, then you should choose a type or design that is suitable for the general terrain you will be navigating. Will you be using the ATV mostly on dry land or will you be driving over sand dunes? Whatever your general activity, choose your tires accordingly.

The same goes with your UTV. Will you be mostly off-roading with it or will you be using it for chores around the farm? It’s important to know these things beforehand, so you can pick the tires that are the right fit for the vehicle’s general usage.

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