A pre-ride inspection is a must every time you take your ATV out for an off-roading trip with friends. One of the things you must never neglect to check are your tires. Worn out tires can be a safety hazard. Unexpected replacements become more manageable if you have Powersports Tire and Wheel Protection or a similar product with tire and wheel coverage.

So how do you know when it’s time to change your tires? Here are a few tell-tale signs:

1. Bald spots

Bald spots on the tires tell you that your tires have seen better days. It could be that you’ve been using them for far too long or that you’re always off-roading on rough or hard terrain. Whatever the reason, bald spots are a sure sign you need to change your tires because if you go on riding with a smooth tire, you could get into an accident, which not only endangers you but others on the track with you as well. You need a good tread pattern for traction on the road or trail.

2. Missing, worn, or rounded tread patterns

In relation to the above, worn, rounded, or missing tread patterns are also a safety hazard while you’re off-roading because as mentioned above, you need good traction or a solid grip to keep your quad balanced and upright. It’s especially important to replace your tires when this particular sign of wear and tear is visible if you’re going to be using your quad for competitive racing.

With Powersports Tire and Wheel Protection, your tires, wheels, and rims are covered, which means full cost of replacement tires could be covered.

3. Cracks and punctures

Finally, check for cracks in the sidewall and between treads, and punctures on the rubber. If these are present, it may be time to change your tires. If you keep riding with a cracked or punctured tire, it could cause a blowout while you’re riding, putting you and others at risk.

You should also check for wobbling or vibration. Sometimes simply rotating your tires will fix this problem, but other times, this may persist, which means there is an underlying issue that needs to be checked (uneven tire wear or issues with the internal plies). How often you use your quad and on what terrain also play a role in the longevity of your tires.

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