Torque Group’s Total Loss Protection is a program designed for owners of powersports vehicles that provides financial assistance of up to $5,000 for the purchase of a replacement vehicle in the event that their current unit gets damaged beyond repair or stolen beyond recovery. The program provides Total Loss Protection of up to four years.

Off-road racing

Every off-roading enthusiast dreams of becoming an off-road racer; specifically, joining the prestigious Baja races (Baja 500 and Baja 1000) held annually at the Baja California peninsula. You could say that there’s not one off-roading enthusiast, whether driver or fan (or both), who doesn’t have the Baja competitions on their bucket list.

If you’ve been dreaming about becoming an off-road racer, the first thing you need to know is that it won’t be easy. You’ll need to put in the work, which could take years. And even when you feel you’ve done the work and you’re ready, it may take time to finally be given a spot at the races. Having said that, if you’re still decided, here are the first few steps that could help you start on the right path:

1. Learn the ropes from a mentor or coach

Look for a coach or mentor willing to be shadowed, so you can learn through observation; and willing to teach you everything you need to know about off-road racing. Your mentor won’t simply teach you the basics, they will teach you what they’ve learned from experience. In other words, they will impart with you their personal knowledge about the races and teach you the skills they themselves have learned, developed, and honed through their years of racing.

2. Be an avid student-spectator

Go to the races. Watch the professionals in action. It’s one the best ways to learn what goes on at the tracks as well as behind the scenes. The closer you can get to where the action is, the better. Pay attention too to the pit crew of each driver. See what they’re doing and how they anticipate their driver’s needs.

3. Get the proper licenses

You need a special license to join off-road races, particularly if these are huge events like the California Baja races mentioned above or the Spanish Baja in Northern Spain, the desert race in Abu Dhabi, and so on.

Understand that there are licensing requirements you need to fulfill, which are usually dependent on the type of race you want to join.

These are but your starting point in becoming an off-road racer.

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