Getting your first quad can be so exciting that you forget to make all the necessary preparations before driving off. For instance, it’s isn’t uncommon for new ATV owners to ignore safety measures and Powersports F&I products.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment of your Powersports vehicle, do yourself a favor and consider the following tips before taking your ATV for a ride:

Know your new ATV inside and out. Read the manual and familiarize yourself with your ATV’s functions, break-in procedures, maintenance requirements, and other important details. Enrolling in an ATV training course should also be of great help.

Examine all the fluids. Open the caps and ensure the engine oil, differential lubricants, and coolant are at the right levels. This will prevent engine failure.

Check the tire pressure. Riding with either low or high tire pressure can lead to all sorts of complications. Start with the psi recommended by the manufacturer, then add or remove air until you find the pressure appropriate for your needs.

Adjust the ride position. Fine-tune the handlebars, clutch levers, and brake levers until they feel comfortable for you to use.

Set the position your clutch engages. Experiment with the clutch adjustment wheel until you find the position that’s ideal for you.

Protect your ATV. Cover high-rub areas with clear vinyl to extend the life of exposed plastic parts. Apply dielectric grease to electrical connections to repel water and prevent electrical shorts. Add protectors to your machine’s underside to prevent scratches and more serious damage. You should also tighten the chain tension, apply oil to the air filter, grease every pivot point, tighten the nuts and bolts, adjust the suspension and manual foot shifter, and more. Read the manual to know the many ways you can protect your ATV.

Although manufacturers take safety and quality issues seriously, problems do occasionally go unnoticed until the ATV is already in the hands of an owner. Issues such as loose nuts and bolts or unglued hand grips can lead to damage or even injury, so make sure to give your quad a thorough examination before use.

Powersports F&I

Lastly, it’s essential you protect yourself by acquiring Powersports F&I products. These can help reduce a variety of expenses, such as maintenance and repair costs, and the cost of purchasing a new ATV in the case of a total loss.

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