New tires usually come with a manufacturer’s or factory warranty but the coverage is typically limited to a defective tire, which you can return or have exchanged within a limited timeframe, up to 60 days from the date of purchase for most tire manufacturers. A tire and wheel protection program will give you an added layer of protection as it covers tire replacement if it gets damaged due to a road hazard.

Powersports tire and wheel protection program

Owners of power sports vehicles, whether it may be an ATV, UTV, or dirt bike, know that their tires are exposed to harsher conditions compared to on-road vehicles, which is why a tire and wheel program that covers unexpected or untimely tire replacements is a must. It should be regarded as a normal part of vehicle ownership.

Tire and wheel coverage with road hazard

Potholes, debris, shards of glass, and nails are some of the common road hazards that damage tires. Sometimes, the damage is too deep or extensive that repairing the tire isn’t recommended anymore for the driver’s safety. Tires get damaged from road hazards all the time, and if you’ve been a long-time vehicle owner, you know this to be true. Therefore, a tire and wheel protection program with road hazard protection is a non-negotiable part of ownership.

For this unexpected expense, your tire and wheel protection program will cover the cost of replacement with minimal to zero deductible, depending on the terms of your contract.

To give you an idea of how a tire and wheel protection program works, below are a few details about Torque Group’s Tire and Wheel Plus with Road Hazard protection for two and three-wheel motorcycles. The coverage includes the following:

  • Tire, wheel, and rim replacement for up to five years;
  • No deductions or out-of-pocket expense for damages due to road hazards; and
  • 24/7 roadside assistance;

Vehicle owners particularly appreciate the availability of 24/7 roadside assistance as they don’t have to worry about contacting a towing company to have their vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop to check their tires.

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