While the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a decline in powersports vehicle thefts, motorcycles continue to be popular targets among thieves. Every motorcycle owner should therefore take proper steps, such as the acquisition of a Total Loss Protection package, to keep themselves safe from such crimes.

Here are 5 of the best ways to protect yourself from motorcycle theft.

1. Keep your bike locked inside storage

Store your machine inside a garage, shed, or closed motorcycle trailer, and make sure to use a sturdy lock to secure the only entry point(s) into such a space. This will 1) keep your bike hidden from view, therefore preventing it from attracting unwanted attention, and 2) prevent would-be thieves from gaining access to your bike.

In the absence of such storage space, park your bike in a highly visible and adequately lit area. You should also consider acquiring one or more additional aftermarket locks for your bike.

2. Always remove your keys

When you’re not using your bike, lock its ignition and make sure to take the keys with you. Never leave the keys in the ignition.

Similarly, don’t leave your title and other important documentation with the motorcycle or in its storage compartment.

3. Create unique identification markings

Place markings on your bike that will identify it as your property, then take photographs of them. Should your machine get stolen, these markings will make it easier for the police to determine its true owner.

4. Invest in theft deterrents

An anti-theft system with a GPS tracking device will make thieves think twice about taking your bike. It will also increase the chances of recovering a stolen bike by a considerable degree.

Similarly, CCTV or a motion detector that turns the light on whenever anyone comes near your motorcycle can dissuade unsavory types from taking your bike.

5. Total Loss Protection

Should your motorcycle get stolen, the Total Loss Protection program grants you up to $5,000 towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle. The coverage begins the day you buy the motorcycle and protects you for up to 4 years,

In other words, Total Loss Protection provides the financial aid necessary for a quick and satisfying recovery should you ever become a victim of motorcycle theft.

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