Motorcycles are among the most stolen powersports vehicles all over the world. 2019 alone saw 40,830 motorcycle thefts in the US. As such, every motorcycle owner will be doing themselves a favor by investing in theft deterrents as well as a Total Loss Protection program.

An effective anti-theft system is incomplete without the motorcycle lock, which comes in various forms, including disc locks, grip locks, and chain locks. Whatever type you choose, know that locks provide motorcycle owners a number of benefits. We discuss some of them below.

1. Protection from thieves

Theft prevention is the most obvious advantage of using a motorcycle lock on your bike. The best locks will prevent would-be thieves from starting your bike. Additionally, they are made from reinforced material, making them extremely difficult and time-consuming to break. These locks are also highly visible, immediately discouraging theft the moment anyone with shady intentions spots them.

2. Peace of mind

Knowing your motorcycle is protected by a strong lock will give you the peace of mind that your bike will always be where you last left it. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy anxiety-free time away from your bike.

3. Extra protection if you live in certain locations

Interestingly enough, motorcycle thieves tend to operate in some places more than others. In 2019, the 5 states that saw the most thefts were:

  • California: 6,913 thefts
  • Florida: 4,085 thefts
  • Texas: 3,165 thefts
  • South Carolina: 1,601 thefts
  • New York: 1,573 thefts

The most motorcycle thefts also happened in the same 5 states in 2018.

4. Extra protection if you own specific makes

Thieves favor certain motorcycle makes over others. Below were the top 5 most stolen makes in 2019:

  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc.: 8,122 thefts
  • Yamaha Motor Corporation: 6,495 thefts
  • Harley Davidson, Inc.: 4,737 thefts
  • American Suzuki Motor Corporation: 4,686 thefts
  • Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.: 4,641 thefts

Owning a motorcycle by any of these manufacturers increases the likelihood of your machine getting stolen; best acquire a good lock to protect it.

How Total Loss Protection can also help

Another great way to protect yourself from theft is by acquiring the Total Loss Protection program. This grants you up to $5,000 towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle in the event your motorcycle gets stolen. Total Loss Protection therefore allows you to experience a quick and satisfying recovery should you ever become a victim of theft.

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