Personal watercrafts (PWCs) have gained popularity over the years especially among powersports enthusiasts. Increased PWC usage, however, has resulted in a rise in PWC accidents. This highlights the importance of taking steps to ensure your safety, which includes the acquisition of Powersports F&I products such as Torque Group’s GAP 150.

PWCs are safe; accidents occur mostly due to user carelessness, inexperience, and excessive speeding. Here are some safety tips to prevent PWC accidents.

1. Always wear a life jacket

Even if you’re a good swimmer, you’ll be safer with a life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on. These devices keep you afloat with your head above water, so you won’t drown even if you get knocked unconscious when thrown into the water.

2. Learn to swim

The ability to swim gives people confidence when engaging in water-related activities. If they fall off their PWC, they’re less likely to panic, greatly enhancing their chances of surviving and the safety of rescue attempts.

3. Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol consumption if you’re going out for a ride. Dehydration due to solar exposure combined with alcohol use is cited as a major contributor to fatal watercraft accidents.

4. Don’t ride alone

It’s a bad idea to go riding by yourself. Take someone to ride with you as a passenger or have a partner bring along their own PWC. Stay close but keep a safe distance from each other. Inform family or friends every time you go out for a ride.

5. Be responsible

PWC operators should follow all regulations and safety protocols. Don’t overspeed. Observe signage and no-wake restrictions. Check traffic around you before making sudden maneuvers to avoid collisions. Crossing over the wakes of other watercraft should only be done at a safe distance. Never trail other boats for the highly risky thrill of repeatedly jumping their wakes.

GAP 150

Guaranteed Asset Protection a.k.a. GAP 150 keeps you safe from the high costs people are often saddled with when their PWC is stolen or irreparably damaged after an accident.

GAP 150 pays the different between your loan balance and the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle should it be declared a total loss. Such protection grants you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your powersports activities to the fullest.

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