GAP 150

Torque Group’s GAP 150 is the highest coverage available and the fastest claim process in the entire industry.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) pays the difference between your loan balance and the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your vehicle if it is declared a total loss. By providing our customers GAP protection for motorcycles and other types of Powersports vehicles, we ensure you have the peace of mind necessary for the full enjoyment of your vehicle.

How it works

A Powersports vehicle is considered a total loss if 1) the damage it incurs in an accident raises its salvage or repair cost above its insured value, or 2) it is stolen and irrecoverable. Most total losses occur within the first 6 months of ownership.

Normally, despite a total loss, you’ll still have to pay the difference between the amount you owe the dealer (based on your Retail Installment Sales Contract) and the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle at the time it was declared a total loss.

Our Powersports GAP Protection will pay this difference instead. By assisting with your GAP Powersports loan, our Protective Asset Protection program allows every customer to feel safe knowing they won’t suffer financially after an accident or theft.

Powersports GAP Protection is especially crucial today. With loan advances getting higher from the banks, customers are finding themselves with more debt in the event of a total loss. Also, when most customers purchase a Powersports vehicle, they start the loan with a negative balance from depreciation.

Therefore, we created our GAP 150 with the highest coverage in the entire Powersports industry to ensure our customers receive the best Powersports GAP Asset Protection possible. It doesn’t matter whether you own an ATV or a motorcycle; our GAP Insurance protects your credit and helps decrease the likelihood you’ll be making payment on a vehicle you suffered a total loss with.

Customer Benefits:

  • GAP 150 protection pays the difference between the NADA Retail Value or the Insurance settlement (whichever is greater), of the vehicle at the time of the total loss and the remaining loan balance so you aren’t paying on a vehicle you no longer have
  • Pays up to $1000 of the customer’s insurance deductible
  • GAP 150 is the highest coverage of GAP available
  • Coverage begins immediately and is cancellable

Powersports Gap Protection is available on New and Pre-Owned financed vehicles. Our Asset Protection program covers all types of Powersports vehicles, ensuring you receive ATV, snowmobile, watercraft, or motorcycle GAP Insurance.

If you’d like to know more about how our Powersports GAP Protection program can provide GAP protection for motorcycles and other types of Powersports vehicles, please feel free to contact Torque Group at (800) 859 0590 or via email.

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