When it comes to powersports vehicles like an ATV, service and maintenance are of utmost importance since these vehicles are generally exposed to rougher terrains and subjected to more “brutal” usage. Owners must ensure every component is working properly for their own safety, among others. Dealership add-ons, like a powersports battery replacement program, for instance, are designed to help owners better manage and maintain their vehicles; which, in this case, is an ATV.

In order to make full use of your ATV battery and avoid a sooner-than-necessary powersports battery replacement, follow these basic maintenance steps:

Make sure the battery is always charged

One of the simplest and most basic steps in maintaining a battery is keeping it charged at a 100% level. Once you notice that your lights aren’t as bright as they should be and you’re sure the bulbs don’t need replacement, then that could be an indication that your battery needs to be recharged. If you notice too that the starter doesn’t sound as “full” or “solid” when you start the vehicle or you haven’t used your ATV in a while, it’s best to charge your battery first before using it again.

Make sure the battery surface is always clean

The top of the battery is prone to dirt and grime because these can actually cause the battery to discharge across the dirt and grime. This could ultimately shorten the lifespan of your battery, or affect its energy usage.

Check the casing for signs of wear and tear

The battery’s casing protects it from dirt and debris, among other things, so in a way, it assists the battery in its function. If you notice the casing has warped sides or areas, or it looks a little deformed, it could be a sign that the battery at some point overheated, or it was overcharged. When this happens, check the status of your voltage regulator as it might be broken.

Check other components of the battery

A battery comprises various components, which you should also check if you want to prevent an early powersports battery replacement. These components include the electrolyte, cables and clamps, terminals and their connectors, exhaust tubes, and caps.

Store the battery properly

If you need to store your vehicle for several months, like for the winter for instance, it is recommended that you remove your ATV battery and store it in a dry place. Make sure that it is charged to 100% before storage. You may need to charge it every two weeks (for temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit) or once a month (for temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

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