If you’re considering buying a powersports vehicle, what type are you getting and why? It’s important to define the “why” in the equation because it will determine the type of vehicle you should get. It will also help you decide which service contracts or programs (like the Dealership Maintenance Program) to get. Why are these add-ons important? Basically, they will give you financial protection in the event that your vehicle needs repairs or parts replacements, or service maintenance.

Here are a few important things you should know about owning a powersports vehicle:

1. They’re expensive to maintain

Not only are powersports vehicles expensive per se, they’re expensive to maintain as well. A powersports vehicle is a vehicle that you use for sports or recreation or both, and as such, this is subjected to more extensive (and even “brutal”) usage compared to your family car or sedan. This translates to more elaborate (and meticulous) care and maintenance, and more frequent repairs. You should factor-in care and maintenance, and repairs into your recreational budget before purchasing your vehicle. You must be financially prepared in order to fully enjoy your quad or dirt bike, or other powersports machine.

2. Add-ons can be a lifesaver

Dealerships usually offer other products to buyers, which are generally F&I products and solutions like the Dealership Maintenance Program mentioned above. These, in a nutshell, offer protection against financial burdens from unexpected breakdowns and repairs, among other things. Unfortunately, some buyers are quick to dismiss these add-ons, deeming them as unnecessary expenses only to find out later on that these programs or contracts could have saved them from expensive repairs. Make sure to listen first to what your dealer is offering before saying no. You might be surprised to find that these add-on products are exactly what will make ownership a breeze for you.

3. They can only be used on designated roads, tracks, or sites

A powersports vehicle, as mentioned above, is a vehicle that you use for sports or recreation or both and this basically means the places where you can use them are specific and limited. For instance, ATVs and dirt bikes are generally for off-road tracks, so you will need to transport them to the track on your truck or a trailer. You can’t use them on the highway or public roads. Find out where you can use your vehicle of choice before purchasing, so you’ll already have an idea where you can go whenever you feel like riding your machine.

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