Choosing between an ATV and a dirt bike or trail bike isn’t as simple as deciding whether you want a four-wheel or a two-wheel off-roading vehicle or whether you’re going to be utilizing it as a working vehicle as well, notes leading powersports dealership maintenance program provider Torque Group. The decision-making process requires more than these factors if you were to get a vehicle that you will truly love and enjoy for many years.

First off, a dealership maintenance program is a prepaid plan that covers service maintenance of your powersports vehicle according to the terms of the plan.

ATV vs Dirt Bikes

Since your primary reason for buying a powersports vehicle is to ride down trails, your foremost consideration should therefore be which vehicle is ideal for trail riding for you. Understand that off-roading enthusiasts choose their vehicles based on their personal preference, which means that one is generally not always better than the other in terms of trail riding. On that note, here are a few factors for consideration in terms of trail riding:

1. Type of trail riding

What is your purpose for trail riding? Are you riding for leisure or are you after the adrenalin rush? If you’re more the recreational type of rider, then the ideal vehicle for you would be an ATV because it is easier to slow down and stop on an ATV if you want to enjoy the scenery or view. On a dirt bike, you generally have to be constantly moving. You can stop for a few minutes perhaps, without turning the engine off. On an ATV, you can keep the motor running and enjoy the view at the same time for as long as you like.

2. Riding skills

Trail riding on an ATV is what experts would generally suggest for beginners because this machine is easier to control and manage, and you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your balance since it has four wheels to support you in any riding or sitting position. Sharp turns are likewise easier to make on an ATV than a dirt bike, particularly if you’re a beginner. Sharp turns could cause your bike to skid if you miscalculate the turn.

3. Space

Last but not the least is space. Suffice it to say that a dirt bike has limited space compared to an ATV. If you were riding a new trail, having a map, emergency lights, tool kit, and other gear is important because you are riding on unfamiliar territory. You can easily load this on your ATV with still enough room to spare. On a dirt bike, there might not be enough room for all these.

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