Contrary to what some assume, it’s possible to use your personal watercraft (PWC) during the winter months. Of course, there are certain precautions to take, from wearing the right gear to availing of the

Platinum Maintenance program to keep your vehicle properly and regularly maintained.

Here are important factors to consider before using your PWC in the winter:

1. The weather

The winter weather can allow for amazing PWC rides, or it can make them impossible. If the body of water you hope to ride is frozen, you’ll have to take your activity elsewhere. So pay attention to the weather forecast; it’ll let you know whether or not the waters are rideable, when it’s too cold outside, or if the waters are too rough for riding.

2. Your energy level

Cold temperatures can deplete our energy levels and make vigorous physical activities more challenging. Strong winter winds can make for rougher sea conditions, so be honest with yourself and bow out of the activity if you’re not at your physical peak.

3. Your gear

Don a modern wetsuit or dry suit with the capacity to keep your core temperature warm. Keep your hands and feet warm and dry by wearing thin latex gloves over normal gloves and wetsuit/dry suit boots. Put on a waterproof neoprene or spray top jacket, followed by an impact vest or buoyancy aid. Goggles or sunglasses and waterproof balaclavas or beanies will protect your face and head from extreme temperatures and strong winds.

4. Your equipment

Undergo marine VHF radio operation training, and ensure the device is always on your person during rides. This way, you can call for help if you fall off your PWC. Additionally, never forget to bring a safety kit, which should include a tow rope with a carabiner, a first aid kit, an additional kill cord, a serrated knife, a 2kg anchor, and a mobile phone.

5. Inform someone of your plans

Let friends and family know where you’re going. Also, strongly consider riding with someone. The less alone you are, the safer you’ll be.

6. The Platinum Maintenance program

Last but not least, ensure your PWC is in the best possible condition. Torque Group’s Platinum Maintenance program can help with this by insuring you against expensive maintenance, repair, inspection, and oil change services.

For more information on the Platinum Maintenance Program, kindly visit our Torque Group website. Feel free to contact us at (800) 859 0590 or via email if you have any questions!