It’s a well-known fact that vehicle ownership is an expensive endeavor. The cost of maintenance alone is enough to put a dent on your finances. And the actual cost still depends on various factors, including vehicle type and usage. For powersports vehicle owners, finding the best powersports extended service contract is an essential part of the buying process because they know that in general, maintaining a powersports vehicle is more expensive than maintaining a regular car like the four-door sedan you use for work, for instance.

If you’re buying an ATV, UTV, motorcycle or other vehicle for recreational sports, it is advised that you also purchase additional coverage or warranties for your new machine. Of the various F&I products that will be offered to you, the extended service contract could be worth your while.

To help you find the best powersports extended service contract, take note of the following:

Consider the provider’s reputation

In a nutshell, the best extended service contract comes from the best provider in the industry. Suffice it to say that their reputation speaks volumes about their products and customer service. Going with the ones with a stellar reputation is a good place to start. With that said, you should also check their specialization or what they’re known for. Ideally, you want a provider whose extended service contract is considered to be the best in the industry.

Cost of extended service contract

Naturally, you’d want something that you can afford, so take your time looking for the best extended service contract for your particular powersports vehicle. You might be surprised to find that there are actually really good ones available today that are pretty easy on the pocket.

Covered parts and services

Briefly, an extended service contract is a type of warranty that covers mechanical parts of the vehicle that aren’t included in the manufacturer’s warranty that came with your purchase. This type of contract ensures you will get the needed repairs or parts replacements for your vehicle should it break down during the course of ownership, provided it is within the coverage period.

This may be a little tricky for first-time buyers, so make sure to thoroughly discuss the terms and inclusions in both the manufacturer’s warranty and the extended service contract with your dealership agent. Basically, you want as many mechanical parts covered in the extended service contract as possible.

Another important thing to remember is that it’s best to purchase the extended service contract while the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid because it could cost more after your factory warranty has expired.

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