There are many ways to protect yourself and your personal watercraft (PWC). It’s a great idea, for example, to acquire a Powersports F&I product such as Torque Group’s GAP 150. Another is to observe proper PWC etiquette.

Good etiquette means behaving in a manner that keeps everyone, including yourself, safe and comfortable. With that in mind, here’s a short guide on PWC etiquette.

1. Be aware of others on/in the water

Stay alert for others using the water. Determine the direction another watercraft is traveling in before overtaking them, crossing their wake, or turning. Slow down when in areas with lots of swimmers. Caution will help you avoid collisions.

2. Observe the right of way

Commercial ships, fishing boats, and other similar types of craft always have the right of way. Therefore, when nearing such approaching vessels, keep to the right. Any other type of vessel, whether it’s a boat or another PWC, has the right of way if it’s on the right side.

3. Stay within the speed limit

Speed limits vary per location. Know your region’s PWC regulations or bylaws and adhere to them. Disobeying the rules could result in a collision and/or a hefty fine. To ensure safety, reduce your speed in areas experiencing heavy traffic.

4. Avoid noise pollution

To avoid bothering people with the noise your PWC makes, reduce your speed when you’re near waterfront properties, the shore, and other vessels. Don’t ride in the early morning. Starting and warming up your PWC’s engine in the water prior to your ride also helps.

5. Take care of your environment

Avoid riding your PWC close to aquatic vegetation or wildlife, as this could harm the environment. Similarly, don’t spill oil or fuel or leave other kinds of pollutants in the water.

6. Wake or wave jumping

When jumping a wave or wake, make sure not to obstruct the visibility of others. A larger vessel may have trouble seeing you until it’s too late to prevent a collision.

GAP 150

GAP 150 is a great way to keep yourself safe from the high costs associated with a total loss.

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP 150, pays the different between your loan balance and the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle in the event your PWC is stolen or irreparably damaged due to an accident. This ensures you have the peace of mind required for the full enjoyment of your PWC.

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