There are many ways to protect yourself as a personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiast. One is to take advantage of GAP 150, a program that can be of great help if your machine is declared a total loss. Another is to wear the appropriate gear during rides.

Wearing the right gear will protect you from the elements and save your life in the event of an accident. For these reasons, we’ve listed down the 7 things you should wear when you go riding:

1. Life jacket

Even good swimmers must wear a life jacket while riding a PWC. Many people panic when they fall off their machine; in such cases, a life jacket will keep you afloat and prevent drowning. Ensure you acquire a well-fitting coastguard-approved life jacket, and replace life jackets every 3 to 5 years.

2. Full wetsuit or wetsuit bottoms

Spending extended periods of time in or on the water will lower your body temperature and expose yourself to the risk of hypothermia. A wetsuit helps retain your body heat and insulates you from the cold, thereby preventing such issues.

3. Gloves

It’s normal to grip the PWC’s handles tightly when you’re riding those waves. Gloves will prevent sores and blisters from forming on your thumbs and keep your hands warm.

4. Water shoes

The proper footwear will protect your feet from rocks and other things that may find their way onto your PWC. Additionally, the strong grip they provide will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself.

5. Dry bag

It’s essential you bring items such as a GPS-capable smartphone, towel, and first-aid kit during rides. Keep these dry by storing them in a dry bag. Make sure to wear your dry bag or securely attach it to your PWC.

6. Sunscreen

The safest time to ride a PWC is during the day. However, this means exposing yourself to sunlight for extended periods. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays using sunscreen.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses will safeguard your eyes from the sun and the elements. Make sure to acquire watersports sunglasses that float.

GAP 150

Any PWC rider should also protect themselves financially. Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP 150, can help in this matter by paying the difference between your loan balance and the Actual Cash Value of your PWC should it be irreparably damaged or stolen. This added security will ensure you have the peace of mind necessary for the full enjoyment of your PWC.

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