Spark plugs are responsible for the spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture within an engine’s cylinders. Without them, your powersports vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a personal watercraft, won’t be able to start or move.

Despite being a vital part of any vehicle with an engine, spark plugs are often ignored and forgotten. For this reason, it’s a good idea for you, as a powersports enthusiast, to familiarize yourself with the signs that your machine’s spark plugs have become defective. We’ve listed some of these signs below:

1. Your vehicle won’t start

When a vehicle refuses to start, the first thing that usually comes to mind is either a dead battery or low fuel. However, broken spark plugs are just as likely to cause this problem.

2. The engine misfires

When spark plug cylinders aren’t firing properly, the engine misfires, making for an uncomfortably jittery ride. It also causes higher emissions.

3. The engine surges

Without properly working spark plugs, your vehicle’s engine can’t do its job efficiently, and is forced to draw in more air than is typically required for the combustion process. The resulting stop-and-go motions don’t just make your ride uncomfortable–they could also lead to accidents.

4. Rough engine idling

Failing spark plugs often result in the engine becoming noisier and extra shaky. The strong vibrations can damage your vehicle’s various parts and make rides uncomfortable, while the noise can prove a nuisance to yourself and others.

5. The acceleration suffers

Is your vehicle’s accelerator less sensitive than it used to be? Does it feel unresponsive? These are signs the spark plugs are in need of changing.

6. Increased fuel consumption

If you find yourself spending money on fuel refills more often, your vehicle is likely consuming more fuel than it normally does. A drop in fuel efficiency is one of the most common symptoms of defective spark plugs.

Platinum Care Maintenance

While you can replace faulty spark plugs yourself, it’s recommended you seek professional assistance, which is made more affordable with Platinum Care Maintenance.

The Platinum Care Maintenance program allows powersports vehicle owners to save up to 40% in inspection and maintenance costs. As a bonus, it also offers up to 4 oil changes over 24 months of ownership, making Platinum Care Maintenance a must for any serious powersports enthusiast.

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