Your motorcycle failing to start could mean it’s high time for your machine to receive some Platinum Care Maintenance. Alternatively, the problem could be something you can fix without the need for expert assistance. Whatever the possible cause of your non-starting bike, it’s best to examine your motorcycle yourself before seeking the aid of professionals.

Here are a few things you should check if your motorcycle won’t start.

1. The fuel

No fuel, no ride. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for the fuel gauge to determine your motorcycle’s fuel levels if said fuel levels are extremely low.

There are easy ways to check the fuel levels yourself, however. For example, you can gently shake the bike and listen for the sloshing of fuel, or shine a light down the fuel tank.

2. The battery

Your motorcycle’s electrical system is entirely dependent on a battery. Without sufficient charge, the battery won’t be able to fire up the motor, preventing your motorcycle from starting. This is especially troublesome for bikes with only an electric start.

Other signs of a weak or dead battery include headlights that won’t switch on and a horn button that won’t work.

3. The spark plug wires

Loose spark plug wires are easily fixed: simply detach and reattach the connectors, then try starting the motorbike again.

4. The clutch

When starting a motorcycle, you must engage the clutch lever properly. Failing to do so can prevent the motorcycle from starting. If this happens to you, put the transmission into neutral then repeat the process, this time ensuring you pull the clutch.

5. The fuel tank vent

Should the vent of your motorcycle’s fuel tank get clogged, the machine’s intake system won’t be able to receive any fuel. Thankfully, unclogging the vent is as easy as using a thin wire to remove the blockage.

6. The airbox and muffler

Make sure your motorcycle’s intake and exhaust systems are clean and clear of any blockage.

Platinum Care Maintenance

You can do all the above checks yourself, or take advantage of Platinum Care Maintenance and have an expert do them for you.

At any rate, if your motorcycle still refuses to start despite these checks, your machine likely has a more serious problem that can only be fixed by a professional.

Platinum Care Maintenance makes typically expensive professional assistance more affordable. Specifically, it allows owners to save up to 40% in inspection and maintenance costs. It even offers up to 4 oil changes over 24 months of ownership.

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