Dealerships, like any other consumer business, generally earn more from repeat customers than new ones. And to have a customer go back to your dealership for a second or third (or nth) time, you need to make their first-time buying experience truly remarkable. Making it known that Powersports Battery Program and other similar products are readily accessible to them is a god place to start.

To truly effective in enhancing the customer’s buying experience and boosting their confidence in your dealership, you must know the ins and outs of every product that you offer. You must be able to discuss it with them with confidence too. So, for instance, if you’re talking about your Powersports Battery Program, you must be able to tell them exactly what it does and how they will benefit from it as straightforward as you can. To put it another way, do not bore and confuse them with technical details.

With the battery program, for instance, the following details could be enough to let them know what it is and why they need it:

  • Battery replacement for the lifetime of your ownership
  • You can go to any powersports dealership
  • The contract is good for a “lifetime;” no expiration within your ownership
  • You can receive your claim on the same day, usually less than one hour from filing your claim

These are the details that your customers will surely appreciate and will eventually motivate them to check-out your other product offerings. And the more confidently you speak about these products, the more you boost the customer’s confidence in your dealership as well.

If the customer doesn’t purchase on the spot, you can be sure that you gave them something to think about when you discussed your add-ons and programs and answered their questions correctly and accurately. Don’t be surprised if they return to once again talk about the same, but this time, to choose what they want to purchase.

However, it’s important to remember that no matter how seemingly eager the customer may be, it wouldn’t help to be too sales-driven and pushy. Give them the information they need, answer questions politely, and let them decide on their own.

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