Whatever type of powersports vehicle you own, you probably already know that such vehicles are high maintenance because first of all, their usage is different from that of regular vehicles. Secondly, they are built quite differently. So for owners, such coverage or contracts as a Powersports Battery Replacement Program is a must-have.

What can a Powersports Battery Replacement Program do for you?

Basically, a powersports battery replacement contract provides vehicle owners with a new battery should the old one die or expire. There are various programs like this that dealerships offer their customers, so you must do your due diligence and take the time to carefully look at the fine print to ensure you’re getting a really good bargain.

If you’re new to such programs or contracts, here are a few inclusions you should check out, so you can truly benefit from it over the course of the contract:

1. Check for the “Lifetime” clause

As mentioned above, different providers offer different inclusions. And the first thing you want to check is the duration of the program. In other words, how long will you be able to enjoy the replacement coverage? The “Lifetime” clause basically shows you that you can enjoy coverage for the lifetime of your ownership.

The clause then should look something like this: “Battery replacement for the lifetime of the ownership” or something similar like “no expiration on the term.” But just to make sure you’re getting lifetime coverage, double-check with the provider or dealer, and make sure that the details are clear to you.

2. Claims process

One of the most difficult parts of warranties and service contracts is the claims process. For the most part, owners not only have a hard time getting connected to the right personnel, but they are also made to wait a long time to receive their reimbursement. It’s best to ask around and do a bit of research on the provider’s claims process, so you will have an idea of whether or not you will receive your money right away.

3. Purchase period

Some dealerships “badger” you to purchase the F&I solutions and products they are offering, with most of them saying that the “special” price is for a limited time only or products can only be purchased on the day you purchased the vehicle. If this is the case, you’d best look somewhere else.

A good Powersports Battery Replacement Program is one that not only allows you to purchase said program at any time of your vehicle ownership but also makes their program available at various powersports dealerships. In other words, the provider has made the program easily accessible to anyone and everyone.

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