If you own a powersports vehicle like an ATV, UTV, or a motorcycle, you will naturally want to be able to enjoy it for as long as you can. With proper care and maintenance, you could enjoy your vehicle for many years. On that note, consider such prepaid plans like powersports battery replacement program, tire and wheel protection, and dealership maintenance program, to name a few. These prepaid programs could prove to be the lifeline your vehicle needs during an unexpected breakdown.

How does a powersports battery replacement program work?

First off, different powersports prepaid programs or plans offer different services, which means you may need to purchase a few add-ons at the dealership to cover all the bases. A better replacement program, for instance, is purchased by the customer if they want to have the assurance of getting a battery replacement at any time during the coverage period. While there are terms that make one eligible for the replacement, the basic premise of such a program is to get a battery replacement at no cost to the customer.

A powersports battery replacement program will cover battery replacements for the lifetime of ownership, which means the vehicle owner will not have to worry about paying for a new battery should the old one die or expire. And depending on the terms, the owner could get the replacement at an affiliate shop and then reimburse the expense.

Battery replacement programs work on the same premise: customer purchases the program, gets a battery replacement at an affiliated shop, and then requests for reimbursement from the dealership according to the terms of the program. The deciding factor for most customers and dealerships is the claims process. A fast and stress-free claims process makes all the difference.

Purchase any time

For customers who are still undecided about a battery replacement program will be glad to know they can purchase the program at any time of vehicle ownership, and the coverage will still be for the lifetime of ownership as well. Bear in mind however, that not all dealerships and providers offer such programs that can be purchased any time, so make sure your dealership does offer this option for your peace of mind.

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