If you’re buying a used vehicle, like an ATV for instance, it would be to your advantage if you get it from a licensed dealership as they usually offer some type of powersports dealership maintenance program for certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO). Where used vehicles are concerned, you’d want to have prepaid programs that can help you maintain your vehicle, among other things, if you want to enjoy and make full use of the vehicle for years to come.

With a powersports dealership maintenance program for CPO ATVs, for instance, you are assured of a paid maintenance service when the time comes to have your used ATV serviced at the dealership. This means that even if you may not have the budget for it in the future, you won’t have to skip maintenance for your ATV because it’s already been paid for. As a vehicle owner, you should know that regular service maintenance greatly helps in preventing (or delaying) mechanical breakdowns and other issues.

On that note, here are a few common issues owners found with their pre-owned ATV:

  • Vehicle failed to start – This may have been caused by any of the following: faulty spark plug, electrical problem, not enough fuel, or battery has very low (or no) charge
  • Slipping clutch – A tell-tale sign of a slipping clutch is loss of power, which means that the vehicle suddenly stopped. When you feel that the vehicle has lost its traction, it could also be a sign of a slipping clutch.
  • Loss of battery power – If your battery drains energy or power at a much faster pace, then you may need battery replacement. You can check the health of your battery with a voltmeter or multimeter. If the voltage is less than 12v, and after you’ve charged it, the charge still won’t hold, then you definitely need to replace your ATV battery.

  • Smoke coming out of the vehicle – Smoking is fairly common when starting your ATV. It is when smoking is persistent and the smoke coming out is anything but white that you should be concerned. Basically, black smoke means burning gasoline, and blue smoke means burning oil. If any of these two happen, have your vehicle checked.

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