Every new off-roading enthusiast knows that the No. 1 rule in beginner off-roading is to never go on the tracks or rails on your own. For your safety, you should always go off-roading with a buddy. As for new owners of 4WDs, ATVs, UTVs, or motorcycle, a comprehensive powersports dealership maintenance program is a must.

If you own any powersports or off-roading vehicle, this maintenance program is actually one dealership add-on you shouldn’t think twice about. In a word, you should never be without a powersports dealership maintenance program because it could save you from more costly repairs in the future.

Now, since you’re new to off-roading, there are a few basic rules and safety tips you should take note to remember for two reasons. First, it could save your life or someone else’s. And secondly, it ensures you will have an exhilarating and enjoyable experience every time. On that note, here are a few off-roading basics to remember:

Always pack the right tools and equipment

Off-roading trails and tracks aren’t paved. They are muddy, rough, rocky, sloping, and so on. It’s common for drivers to be exposed to harsh driving conditions because this is what off-roading adventures are all about. With that said, you should always pack tools and equipment that can help you repair the vehicle, get it out of a ditch, or basically ensure it will get you to the end of the trail and back to safety.

These tools include a portable air compressor, a shovel, a spare tire, the right tools for changing the tire, a jack, and fire extinguisher, among others.

Know the right tires to use for each terrain

Different terrains need different tires for good traction and safe maneuvering. Understand the terrains that are ideal for beginners and know which tires to use for each one. For instance, if you’re be driving on mostly muddy terrain, then you’ll need tires designed for slick and muddy tracks. If you choose dry land, then all you need is a good set of standard tires.

During your routine inspection through your powersports dealership maintenance program, talk to the mechanic about where your tires have been and all that. They may have a few extra tips to keep your tires in good condition even while driving on rough terrain.

Pack a first aid kit as well. And remember to familiarize yourself with the terrain and track first before heading off to your off-roading adventure.

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