If you are a dealership looking to increase your customer base, you should consider other ways to serve your customers. Give your customers a good reason to keep coming back. Take stock of the add-ons you are offering and see what needs to be improved. Check to see too if a powersports dealership maintenance program is the boost that you need to improve your customer service. If you already have an existing program but customers are not simply biting, you could either change the package or change providers.

But whether you are changing providers or partnering with one for the first time, it is advised that you be as thorough as possible about the coverages they offer. To do that, it is best to write down relevant questions. Here are a few suggestions:

What services do you cover?

Maintenance services differ from one provider to the next, so make sure to be clear about this early on. For your customer’s benefit, crosscheck services against the manufacturer’s recommended services. When the customer knows they are paying for services that the manufacturer endorsed to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle, they would not think twice about purchasing the program.

With these services, parts and labor should likewise be covered.

Is the program customizable?

In line with the above, the provider should offer you enough flexibility to customize the package(s) you will be offering your customers, particularly if you carry more than one type of powersports vehicle, and you offer both brand new and certified pre-owned units.

What are the minimum and maximum coverage periods?

Manufacturers recommend a routine maintenance service after a certain mileage has been accumulated or a certain number of months or years have passed, whichever comes first. With that said, maintenance program providers offer a minimum coverage period of 12 months and a maximum of three years. There are, however, providers that can offer your customers up to 48 months of coverage, and if all other items are in order, then you should go with the provider that offers the longest coverage period.

Also ask questions related to the following:

  • Claims process
  • Claims paid via credit card
  • Start of coverage
  • Purchase of coverage (any time during vehicle ownership)

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