Powersports vehicles like two and three-wheel motorcycles need more service and maintenance checks compared to their on-road counterparts, which is why dealerships offer such programs as a powersports dealership maintenance program to help facilitate routine maintenance service, which takes a load off the owner’s shoulders as they won’t have to worry about this future expense given their coverage.

How a powersports dealership maintenance program benefits vehicle owners

The benefits of such a program depend on the dealership and the provider, but in general, the program eases vehicle ownership through the following:

  • Labor costs are locked in at the time of purchase, which could mean lower labor costs for customers at the time of their routine check compared to current costs
  • Customers won’t have to skip this important step in vehicle ownership if the budget’s a little tight because their service maintenance has already been paid in advance when they purchased the program
  • Customers can save as much as 40% with this program compared to paying for routine maintenance service as needed

How a powersports dealership maintenance program benefits dealerships

First off, dealerships must look for a provider that allows them to customize this program to fit their customers’ needs. This is the first thing they need to check if they are to benefit from this program truly. Here are other ways dealerships benefit from service maintenance programs:

  • By offering this program to customers, dealerships can show that they care about their customers given that they want to make vehicle ownership easier and more enjoyable
  • Such programs not only make vehicle ownership easier, but they also help owners enjoy their powersports vehicles longer by ensuring these are well-maintained
  • Such programs encourage customer loyalty and repeat business

For dealerships, these programs and other similar contracts, are a great way to take care of customers long after they’ve purchased the vehicle. These programs encourage brand recall, which means your dealership will always be your customers’ top-of-mind choice for the products and services that you offer.

Depending on the provider, a powersports dealership maintenance program may offer coverage for up to 48 months, with routine service maintenance checks scheduled at specific intervals.

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