If you own a powersports vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, it’s important to have it regularly checked by a licensed mechanic to ensure that it’s in good running condition primarily for your safety. And a Powersports Dealership Scheduled Services Program or a similar product from your dealership ensures you won’t miss important service checks.

Apart from keeping you safe on the road, track or open water, servicing your vehicle also reduces the risk of experiencing engine trouble while the vehicle is in use. Just imagine your small boat conking out in the middle of the sea or lake, and no one’s around to tow you. If you had the boat serviced, the mechanic could have seen or detected issues with the engine, and applied the appropriate solution.

Still not convinced? Here are other reasons why your vehicle needs regular servicing (which can be paid for by a Powersports Dealership Scheduled Services Program):

1. Increases resale value

In an nutshell, you’ll have more chances of selling a well-maintained vehicle at a fairer price compared to selling one that is in bad shape because the owner will have to shoulder the repairs, among other things.

2. Enhances longevity

If you want to be able to use your vehicle for a long time, then proper care and maintenance is a must; and it all begins with following the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for servicing. Remember that the manufacturer knows every inch of the vehicle, which means they can pretty much predict when it’s going to need some TLC. Always refer to your owner’s manual for care and maintenance you can do at home, and servicing performed by a licensed mechanic.

3. Minimizes risk of untimely parts replacement

If your vehicle is maintained properly, it means every part, particularly mechanical parts, is checked and maintained as well. This translates to avoiding the risk of untimely parts replacements or expensive repairs, which of course, saves you time and money. Additionally, a well-maintained vehicle affords you the luxury of enjoying recreational riding anytime you want.

There are many other reasons why you should have your vehicle serviced regularly. And if have a Powersports Dealership Scheduled Services Program, you can be sure that your vehicle will be serviced by a licensed and experienced mechanic. You should ask your dealership about it for your peace of mind.

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