Are you fascinated by powersports vehicles such as an ATV or an off-road motorcycle? If you’re considering buying either one, you should know that owning such a vehicle is a huge responsibility. It’s simply not the same as owning a family car or an SUV. First off, consider powersports extended service contracts if you’re buying an ATV or motorcycle or other type of recreational vehicle. These types of contracts can give you financial assistance should parts of your vehicle need repair or replacement.

In a word, extended service contracts for your vehicle cover certain parts for either a replacement or repair once your factory or manufacturer’s coverage expires.

What do powersports extended service contracts cover?

In general, this type of contract covers the mechanical parts of the vehicle. Usually, extended service contracts for powersports vehicles offer the same coverages, so what you’d like to focus on instead are the claims process and accredited repair shops.

Torque Group’s offering is considered as one of the best powersports extended service contracts today because the claims process is quick and simple. You can take your vehicle at any repair facility in the US provided it has a licensed mechanic, and claims are paid within 24 hours of work completion.

What you need to know about vehicle ownership

Powersports land vehicles are typically used for off-roading, which means they will be used on dirt roads and rough terrain, and constantly exposed to the elements. These factors need to be considered before buying a powersports vehicle because these mean your vehicle will need more than the usual care and maintenance that your typical four-door sedan needs.

On top of that, you will also have to be financially prepared for emergency repairs, unscheduled service checks, and so on because as mentioned earlier, these vehicles are used on rough terrain. Additionally, since these vehicles are for recreational use, you will also need to have a special set of skills for controlling them for your safety as well as those of others on the trail or tracks with you. In a word, these machines require more than your expert maneuvering on the paved road.

Know that being mentally, physically, and financially prepared for vehicle ownership directly affects your enjoyment of your vehicle and the sport.

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