Powersports vehicles like ATVs, UVs and off-road motorcycles are more prone to damage risks compared to regular vehicles because they are exposed to harsher conditions, which means dirt roads, uphill climbs, and rugged terrain. And it is precisely for this reason that vehicle owners shouldn’t think twice about powersports extended service contracts.

What are extended service contracts?

These contracts kick into full gear once your manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed or expired. Powersports extended service contracts cover repairs and replacements for specific factory-installed parts. Vehicle parts covered depend on the specific terms of the contract. Labor, repair, and replacement costs will be covered by the contract, with minimal to zero out-of-pocket expense from the vehicle owner. Again, these terms depend on the specifications indicated in the contract.

Why dealerships should offer these types of service programs or contracts

If you own a dealership, you know that your level of customer service or how satisfied your customers are with their buying experience determines their future behavior where your store is concerned. Suffice it to say that a satisfied and happy customer will not hesitate to visit you again for another purchase or for services, parts, or accessories they may need. Also, a satisfied customer will gladly recommend your dealership to their friends and family. This means more business for you just by word of mouth.

This is why dealerships must always look for opportunities to elevate their customer support service.

Powersports extended service contracts and other F&I products

The buying process is critical to business, and dealerships know this, which is why most of their efforts are focused on this area of business. But for customers, it’s the after-sales service that could potentially make repeat customers out of them.

With F&I products like extended service contracts, battery replacement, tire and wheel coverage, and so on, dealerships are able to take care of customers outside the dealership. And customers highly appreciate this.

What dealerships must remember, however, is that not all F&I solutions offered them are the same, or have their best interests, as well as their customers’, at heart. The key is to partner with a provider that has a proven track record for providing the best powersports extended service contracts and other products to both the dealership and their customers.

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