If you’ve had your fair share of visits at dealerships, then you’re likely familiar with the usual after-sales pitch on extended service contracts and other similar products. Now, before you outrightly reject the products, especially after hearing about powersports extended service prices, you should discuss such products and services first. You might be surprised at how much you’re going to benefit from them in the future.

Owners of powersports vehicles know that maintaining their ATV or UTV, dirt bike, jet ski or other vehicle is critical to its longevity, and of course, their safety. They also know that even the most meticulous and careful owner cannot guarantee that the vehicle will always be in tiptop shape. This is why a lot of them consider powersports extended service, prices notwithstanding, as an integral part in responsible ownership.

Still on the fence? Here are other factors to consider:

1. You regularly use your vehicle

If ride your dirt bike or ATV every weekend, or two to three times per month, that’s a fairly regular use of your vehicle, which means it is more prone to wear and tear. Now, if your manufacturer’s warranty has expired and you suddenly find that a mechanical part needs to be repaired or replaced, an extended service contract can cover the cost, up to the amount that is stated in the contract. Untimely repairs or replacements can be costly, but with the extended service, you’re pretty much covered.

2. You bought a used vehicle

Contrary to popular belief, an extended service contract doesn’t only cover new vehicles, it also covers used units, which means you can also ask your dealership about it if you wish to purchase one for your “new” used ATV or motorcycle. Used vehicles may be more susceptible to break downs and whatnot, so an extended service contract definitely makes sense.

3. Accumulated repairs may be more costly in the end

When you think about powersports extended service prices that range between $1,000 and $1,600 on average, and then you compute the repairs and replacements that you “might” be needing within the warranty’s coverage period, you might be surprised to find that you could’ve actually saved more had you been covered by the extended service contract.

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