In the U.S., an estimated 9 million motorcycle units were registered in 2021, making it one of the most widely purchased vehicles in the country. It is also one of the most widely stolen vehicles in the U.S. In 2020, it was estimated that 53,000 units were stolen. Powersports GAP 150 is a program designed to help ease the burden of motorcycle theft or total vehicle loss.

How motorcycle owners benefit from Powersports GAP 150

To understand how one could benefit from this type of protection program, one must first know what it is and how it works. Torque Group’s GAP 150 Powersports vehicles, which coverage includes motorcycles, is designed to protect the owner against financial losses in the event that the vehicle damage amounts to a total loss.

Total loss, in this case, can be either of the two: 1) that the vehicle was damaged beyond repair or the repair cost exceeds its insured value; or 2) that the vehicle was stolen and declared irrecoverable.

Without some form of financial protection in place, the vehicle owner usually still needs to pay the dealership the balance of their loan even if the vehicle is no longer in their possession. You could say that this burden does nothing but magnify the loss even more.

With a financial protection program like Torque Group’s Powersports GAP 150, your hard-earned cash is protected in case of total vehicle loss because the program will cover the difference between your loan balance and the vehicle’s actual cash value. Without such coverage, you will have to pay the difference out-of-pocket while you’re still reeling from your loss. It’s a situation you would want to avoid at all costs. GAP 150 is a program designed for motorcycle owners like you.

Basically, motorcycle owners as well as owners of other Powersports vehicles benefit from GAP 150 through the following:

  • Pays for the difference between your loan balance and your motorcycle’s actual cash value;
  • Covers up to $1000 of your insurance;
  • Covers automatically upon purchase of GAP 150; and
  • Offers the highest coverage in the industry.

Do you want peace of mind? Do you want to be able to fully enjoy your motorcycle without financial worries in case of total loss? If so, Powersports GAP 150 is for you. For questions or inquiries on GAP 150 or other F&I products, please feel free to contact Torque Group at (800) 859-0590.