Have you been thinking lately about competitive off-roading, particularly how you’d want to try and train for it? If so, you’re probably wondering whether to go with dirt biking or ATV-riding. If safety is your biggest concern, then you’d probably be better off with a dirt bike. Also, consider Powersports Gap 150 Total Loss Protection for financial protection should your bike gets damaged beyond repair.

Why dirt biking may be more your cup of tea

For the longest time, the popular belief was that ATV-riding is safer than dirt biking perhaps because of the false sense of security a four-wheel drive gives. Statistics show however, that ATV crashes are more fatal compared to dirt biking accidents.

To expound a bit more, here are a few common reasons why dirt biking is considered safer than ATV-riding, particularly in competitive off-roading:

1. As a rule, bikers always wear safety gear before every ride

In general, bikers are more careful riders if only for the fact that they usually make it a point to wear safety gear every time they ride out. And these pieces of protective gear, from helmets to gloves, goggles or eye protection and so on, were designed following strict safety standards, which means the rider will have ample protection should an accident occur.

ATV riders don’t always wear safety gear, not even a helmet, and as mentioned above, it could be because of the false sense of security of having four wheels instead of two.

2. Dirt bikers are generally separated from their machine during an accident

When a bike crash occurs, the rider usually gets separated from their bike either because they were thrown off or they slid off their seat. In either case, they are less likely to be crushed by their vehicle compared to an ATV rider who usually ends up trapped inside the vehicle during a crash. In some instances, the ATV fell on the rider, causing serious injury or worse, death.

3. Dirt bike riders are more focused on the track

Dirt bikers are generally more cautious compared to ATV riders, and again, this could be attributed to the “safety” of having four wheels instead of two. Also, dirt bikers are aware there is nothing separating them from the open track, so they know any miscalculated turn could result in an accident.

If you’re still unsure on whether to go with a dirt bike or an ATV, it’s best to wait awhile and take your time researching on the pros and cons of both.

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