When it comes to motorcycle riding, no two riders are the same. Each one has his or her own unique style and preference. Basically, it’s how you feel behind the handlebars that determines what type of motorcycle rider you are. But regardless of type, insurance protection like Powersports Gap is important as it can save you from unexpected financial burdens should anything happen to your bike.

What is Powersports Gap?

In a nutshell, Powersports Gap is insurance against financial losses should your motorcycle get wrecked beyond repair or stolen and deemed irrecoverable. This type of insurance pays the difference between your loan balance and the bike’s actual cash value.

Up until now, you may not have given a second thought about the different types of motorcycle riders out there. You probably weren’t even aware that riders belong to certain categories. And in case you’re wondering what type of rider you are, here are the most common ones:

1. The Cruiser

You’re the type who enjoys riding through scenic routes or simply riding “for the sake of riding;” you take pleasure in taking out your bike for a cruise about town, riding without a care in the world, so to speak. Just you and your bike enjoying a daytime or night ride around town.

2. The Adrenalin “Junkie”

If you like riding your bike to the limit, as if you are chasing after something, then you can be considered an adrenalin junkie or better still, a speed chaser. For you, the thrill is in discovering how fast and how far you can go. Occasionally, you like to show off your riding skills, doing stunts for an unsuspecting audience. You like trying out new tracks and breaking limits.

If you are this type of rider, it’s even more important to have insurance like Powersports Gap or Total Loss Protection. Ask you dealer about it.

3. The Adventure Rider

If you like riding to far-off places, especially to discover places you’ve never been to before, then you can be considered an adventure or spirited rider. Your goal is always to discover new places, to the point that you can ride for days just to find the next adventure destination. You could say you’re a backpack rider; that is, taking your bike out usually means leaving home for days or weeks at a time to go on an adventure.

Some riders are categorized as “label-minded” because for them, part of the thrill of riding is the brand of the bike. From the bike itself to add-ons and accessories, everything has to be of a certain brand, otherwise, it’s no good.

So what type of rider are you?

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