F&I products and solutions like a Powersports Lifetime Battery Insurance or a Tire and Wheel Protection are designed to provide owners of powersports vehicle some form of financial assistance in the general care and maintenance of their vehicle. Where an unexpected expense occurs such as emergency battery replacement, such programs can shoulder the full cost of the new battery, depending on the terms of the contract.

One of the reasons why motorcycle owners need a replacement battery is a draining or drained battery. Several factors cause a battery to drain and it’s important for owners to be familiar with these, so they’ll know what to check if this happens to them.

Here are some of the reasons why your battery is draining:

1. Poor terminal-cable connection

Your battery terminals are those two metal tubes that are sticking out from the battery. The battery is connected to the bike through two cables, one on each terminal. If you feel that the battery is draining while you’re riding, stop and check if the cables are securely connected to the terminals. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of a loose cable connection that drains the battery.

If the cables aren’t loosely connected to the terminals, then it could be that there is a poor connection because the terminals are faulty (usually due to corrosion).

2. Add-ons that “steal” power from the battery

It may not seem like it but add-ons like LED lights could be stealing power from the battery, especially if they weren’t installed properly. Something as simple as a badly wired add-on could be the battery drain you never expected, especially if the shop claimed these add-ons hardly use any power at all.

3. Expired or near expiration battery

Motorcycle batteries usually last up to four years, so if you’ve been feeling like the battery gets easily drained while you’re riding, check the battery’s expiration date; it could already be expired or nearing expiration. If that is the case, a replacement is the best and only solution; in which case, a Powersports Lifetime Battery Insurance would help particularly if you forgot how long you’ve had your battery and you neglected to check its expiration date.

Other reasons that a battery is draining include a malfunctioning stator or alternator, and issues with the voltage regulators or electrical system.

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