Torque Group, the leading provider of F&I Solutions for dealerships, which includes the Powersports Lifetime Battery Replacement program, shares that while off-roading offers a different kind of excitement, and drivers have a different set of skills compared to regular drivers, there are certain rules of etiquette that must be followed too much like with on-road or highway driving.

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Off-road or off-highway etiquette

When you’re on the trails or tracks, it’s important to be mindful of other drivers as driving conditions on off-highway terrains are much more challenging compared to driving on a paved regular road or street. Since off-roading exposes all drivers to various safety risks, it would be to your, and everyone else’s, safety and benefit to practice proper decorum, so to speak, while driving off the highway.

General off-roading etiquette includes the following:

Stay on marked trails or tracks

It might be tempting to leave the trails especially if you are being lured by breathtaking views of the mountains or oceanside. You could be surrounded by protected wildlife, which is why a trail was made and marked. Veering off the trails could put these protected animals in danger. You could also be harming protected nature. Always stay on marked trails.

Know when to give way

If a faster driver behind you wants to pass, let them through. Do not obstruct their path as it could put both of you in danger as well. In relation to this, respect those who you know have the right of way. These could be hikers or bikers you meet along the way. Let them pass.

Clean as you go

Leave the place cleaner than you found it. Usually, off-road trails are located inside the premises of national parks or protected areas, so make sure to dispose your trash properly. Bring your own trash bags to put away your trash in before you leave. If you smoke, do not toss your cigarette butts anywhere on the trail and the premises. Remember that there could be wildlife roaming about the area at night, which means they could easily pick your trash and cigarette butt and ingest these, which could harm them.

Also, be respectful towards others. Be courteous and friendly. These things will make your experience more memorable and enjoyable. And it will make you look forward to another off-roading trip with the same group.

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