For dealerships to encourage loyalty and continued patronage from their customers, they must offer something that will make customers keep coming back. An exceptional customer support service is one factor. And add-ons or additional services like a dealership maintenance program, for instance, that will make vehicle ownership a lot easier, less stress-free, and more enjoyable give your customers one more good reason to keep going back to your dealership.

What’s in a dealership maintenance program?

First off, a maintenance program is a type of prepaid service that customers can purchase at any affiliated dealership any time during the course of vehicle ownership. Most of the time, however, customers choose to buy this program together with their vehicle, which means they purchased it at the same time they purchased their vehicle.

As for what is included in the dealership maintenance program, this depends on the provider. Make sure to double-check what each of the providers on your shortlist can offer your customers, so you can decide which one is the best fit for your target audience. You want a maintenance program that provides the needed service(s) for the vehicles in your dealership. So, for instance, if you specialize in powersports and/or recreational vehicles, make sure the provider specializes in these as well because they know what these vehicles need and they are familiar with the make and model of each one.

Program inclusions

In general, this type of program provides scheduled routine service maintenance that checks the condition of the vehicle’s mechanical parts and other components to ensure these are still in good running condition for the safety of the driver, among other things.

As a dealership, you have a general idea of what services your vehicles need based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Check to see if these are included in the program as these are what the routine service should cover.

Depending on the terms of the program, scheduled maintenance services can be valid for a minimum of twelve months and a maximum of 48 months. If your dealership offers certified pre-owned vehicles, you should also check if the program can be applied to such vehicles as well.

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