Observing safety protocols and acquiring the Platinium Care Maintenance program will keep you safe while riding your motorcycle. But what if you’re expecting a passenger to ride with you?

Here are some tips on how to ride a motorcycle with a passenger:

Wear the right gear

Your passenger exposes themselves to the same risks as you when they choose to ride with you. For this reason, both you and your passenger should be properly attired for the ride. That means helmets, motorcycle jackets, and other protective gear.

Give the additional weight consideration

The additional weight the passenger provides will dramatically affect the handling and performance of your motorcycle. Prepare yourself for changes in braking, suspension, and acceleration. Ensure the brakes are in good condition to stop the heaver load, and that the suspension can support the extra weight.

You might also want to make some alterations to your bike, such as increasing the pressure in the rear tires, setting the pressures appropriately, and attaching passenger foot pegs.

Hanging on

Your passenger must hang on to you at all times during the ride. They can wrap their arms around your torso or hold on to grab handles or a luggage rack.

Making turns

Instruct your passenger never lean towards the opposite direction you’re turning in. During turns, they must keep their bodies straight while looking over the shoulder that’s in the direction you’re going. The little weight they add to the turn will make maneuvering the bike easier for you.


Because of the extra weight your passenger provides, your brakes will need additional effort to halt the bike. Decelerate earlier and expect your bike to cover a longer distance before stopping.

Your passenger’s feet must stay on the foot pegs when you’re stopping. Don’t let them put their feet down on the ground, and only let them dismount the bike once it has come to a complete halt.

Platinum Care Maintenance

To ensure the utmost safety for both you and your passenger, it’s paramount you keep your motorcycle regularly and properly maintained. Unfortunately, maintenance costs are usually quite steep.

This is where Platinum Care Maintenance comes in. The program allows owners to save up to 40% in safety inspection and vehicle maintenance costs and even offers up to 4 oil changes over 24 months of ownership.

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