In general, tires and wheels aren’t covered by a vehicle service contract regardless of whether it’s a new vehicle or a used unit. On the other hand, a manufacturer’s service contract usually only covers the first year of ownership and may not cover damage due to road hazards. A Tire and Wheel Protection Program or a similar product from your (or any) dealership instead may cover damages not included in a standard manufacturer’s service contract.

Why aren’t tires and wheels included in a vehicle service contract?

First off, there are different vehicle extended service contracts. They differ in inclusions, types of vehicles covered, and terms or conditions for reimbursements or payments.

These vehicle extended service contracts include the following:

  • Factory Service
  • Bumper-to-Bumper
  • Powertrain
  • Corrosion

A factory service contract comes standard with every new purchase for new vehicles and certified pre-owned units. The other options differ in inclusions, so discussing these with your dealership agent is best. In a nutshell, a bumper-to-bumper service contract covers all the vehicle’s major systems, including air conditioning, electrical parts, and steering system. It also covers safety features like the airbag, cameras, GPS, and so on.

A powertrain service contract, on the other hand, covers the “powertrain” components of the vehicle, which include the engine and transmission, driveshafts, axles, gaskets, and so on. And finally, the corrosion service contract generally covers rust damage. Take note. However, that corrosion coverage is usually offered in extended service contracts only, so make sure to double-check this inclusion in your choice of contract,

As for why such extended service contracts don’t generally cover your tires and wheels, these components are considered wear and tear alongside the brake pads, brakes, clutch pads, and headlight bulbs, among others.

To ensure your tire and wheel repairs or replacements are covered, you need to purchase a separate service contract like the Tire and Wheel Protection Program offered by your dealership. Such programs cover repairs and replacements for tires and wheels that were damaged by road hazards, and the contract period usually lasts up to five years.

Much like any other type of contract, the exact coverage, reimbursement requirements, and other coverage details differ from one dealership to another or one provider to the next. Make sure you know all the details of the contract before purchase.

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